What did Molly's Babies do?

"We are taking gently used dolls & teddy bears, cleaning them up, fixing their hair, and then crocheting outfits for them. Some will have sewn, or store bought outfits, depending on demand. We also use new dolls & teddy bears when available. Some dolls & teddy bears will also come with their own blankets, when available. Also when available, we will use brand new dolls.

Then we will be giving the Molly babies dolls & teddy bears to little girls & boys that don’t have a baby or teddy bear to hold and care for. We are doing this in honor of My Granddaughter who passed away at 6 weeks old, and will never get a chance to care for her own baby doll. There will be a card attached to the doll explaining Molly’s Babies and our mission.

To Read more about Molly’s Babies please visit our page Mission & Goals. If you know of a little girl or boy in need of a baby doll or teddy bear please click on Molly’s Babies request. We will send the New mommy or day there doll or teddy bear as soon as we can."

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Mission & Goals

"Creating smiles one special delivery at a time!

Our Mission:
A Mission of Love and Caring

Our inspiration for Molly’s Babies was my own beautiful granddaughter Molly, who passed away at 6 weeks old and will never get a chance to care for own baby doll. We wanted to honor her short but beautiful life by doing something meaningful for little girls in her name. So Molly’s Babies was born.

Molly’s Babies are special baby dolls — some new, some gently used — all lovingly cleaned and redressed by our volunteers to be given to little girls — little Mommies — all over the country who don’t have a baby doll to hold and care for.

Molly’s Babies all come with a Birth Certificate and a gift card to the new “Grandparents” explaining Molly’s Babies and our Mission. And depending on availability, the dolls will come with accessories which may include things such as bottles, blankets, toys, and/or hats.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Molly’s Babies Inc. is to provide dolls to children in need of a baby doll to hold, love & care for.
This is accomplished though:
Donations of gently used dolls.
Donations of New dolls.
Accessories for the dolls, bottles, diapers, blankets, clothes, etc.

Molly’s Babies Inc. Goals – Our goals for Molly’s Babies Inc. is to make sure every little girl and boy has a Doll and or Teddy Bear to hold and care for that might not have one to do so.

Objectives – We intend to get more volunteers to help get dolls, teddy bears and accessories to for full our goal to make sure every little girl and boy has a doll or teddy to hold and care for of there own.We also will do this though fundraisers as well as donations and contributions for individuals, companies, etc.

How we use your donations and contributions – We use all donations and contributions for Molly’s Babies Inc. For postage, if we need to buy dolls, teddies, blankets, accessories for the dolls. Office supplies, web hosting, domain & printing, phone, etc. We are not paid to run Molly’s Babies Inc, all those that help run Molly’s Babies Inc are volunteers."

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Over the years Molly's Babies had several sponsors. Some gace dolls and teddy bears they could fix up for the children. Others gave money to cover regular costs you have when running a non-profit.

Mary Blake

Mary was one of the earliest 2013 supporters of Molly's Babies. She helped Molly's Babies making it popular in the community and helping out with everyday cost.


Surplex is an european company for trading used machinery and such. Their lovely employees have collected money through runs and we got a new computer to use.


Craftbits helped Molly's Babies gain reach and new dolls to repair.

Work in progress

As we are trying to find old pictures of Molly's Babies online to bring back the fond memories, we will do some more work in this website to keep this great non-profit in our memories. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Thomas: thomas@mollysbabies.org