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Welcome to Molly's Babies, a 501(c)(3) Connecticut-based non-profit.  formed for the express purpose of seeing that families in need .... financially or sometimes emotionally .... can get a baby doll for their little girls who might otherwise not have one to cuddle and love. binary options trade


Nothing is as important to a little girl as having a doll to hold, dress and care for.  Little "Mommies" learn so many subtle lessons from cuddling and caring for their dolls that not having a baby doll can be a developmental opportunity missed.   


  Our inspiration for Molly's Babies was my own beautiful granddaughter Molly, who passed away at 6 weeks old and will never get a chance to care for own baby doll.  We wanted to honor her short but beautiful life by doing something meaningful for little girls in her name.  So Molly’s Babies was born.  Molly's Babies are special baby dolls -- some new, some gently used -- all lovingly cleaned and redressed by our volunteers to be given to little girls  -- little Mommies -- all over the country who don't have a baby doll to hold and care for. 


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We will need about $3000.00 a year to run Molly's Babies Inc. sending dolls, supplys, etc.
This may change as this is our first year. as donations come in I will add to our Thermometer to see when we reach or goal. binary trade in india

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Molly was a wonderful and bright baby who brought so much light to my life in just six short weeks.  She was everything I had hoped for, and was taken away too fast.

I am writing this to tell all of you why I support my mother in her desire to create Molly's Babies. Every little girl grows up to be a woman who wants to cherish a daughter of her own. They also want to shower their daughters with dresses and baby dolls and pink cuddly things.  Sometimes mothers can’t. I know! All I wanted for my little girl was for her to have a baby doll.

When she was born we didn't have the money.  We had to buy diapers, clothes, blankets and all the other little things that babies need in their first few months of life.  A doll seemed unimportant at the time; besides, we thought we had all the time in the world.  Turns out we didn't.  My daughter -- even though she was just a baby -- died without a dolly of her own.  I regret this more than anything.  This is why my Mom started MOLLY'S BABIES -- so every little girl who didn't have a dolly could.  And I know that it's just as important for an infant girl to have a dolly, as it is for a three-year-old.  It has been proven that dolls can help little girls become more compassionate, loving and sensitive to other's needs. So please, if you visit this site, think hard of little girls you know who don't have baby dolls  -- even infants. income tax on binary options in india

Thank you,

 Molly's Mommy

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